Saturday, June 4, 2016

Marilyn Chapman - June 2016 - Artist of the Month

Tree lichen, 24x24,mixed medium

Marilyn Chapman is a Victoria artist working in acrylic and mixed medium. Originally from Winnipeg, her abstract paintings are rich in prairie roots with memories of vast horizons and quilt-shaped farmland surfacing from time to time. Upon moving to Canada's west coast, her paintings took on an amoebic "flow" of intertwined patters and rhythms that celebrate the magical landscape. Drawn to the intricacies of nature, she steps inside of that landscape and let the paint take her where it wants to go. Her work has been described as an organic interpretation ... a close-up look at the complex life systems we all rely upon to work silently together.

Et Al, 24 x 30, mixed medium

Surfacing, 24x24, mixed medium

Log on, log off, 18x20, mixed medium

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  1. A visual language that can't be expressed in words unless they are poetic.