Monday, November 26, 2012

Amy Mukai at Trench Contemporary Art

Amy Mukai: “The Alchemy of Practice”
November 29th thru to December 22nd, 2012

Trench Contemporary Art, 148 Alexander Street in Gastown, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 29th, 6pm to 9pm
Amy Mukai completed a diploma in painting from the Vancouver School of Art in 1976. Entering the studio at that time, Mukai began her decade’s long practice or devotion as some might call it to painting and drawing and all the while raising her family, earning a biology degree and dedicating seven years to bee and pollination research at SFU.

During that time she made no real fuss for exhibition, connecting, networking or strategizing she simply drew and painted; exploring, adjusting, allowing, playing, waiting, watching, contemplating, making and unmaking. The result of her practice or “devotion” is a body of work that reflects the patient, quiet energy of someone willing to be lead toward accomplishment through practice rather than forcing it through ambition.

Mukai's sensitive yet complex geometric drawings and paintings document the artists patient pursuit of "understanding” a medium and reveal that mediums potential to embody the sublime through its capacity for beauty. 

This exhibition, ‘The Alchemy of Practice’ brings together a collection of drawings and paintings completed over the past 30 years.

All of Amy Mukai’s drawings and paintings are ink, oil or acrylic gouache on paper in a variety of sizes.

For more information and print sized images, contact Craig Sibley at 604-681-2577 or by email:

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