Friday, January 15, 2016

Jeffrey Wynne at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

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  1. At one point in this interview, I stated that the Kulluk Drilling rig sank. In actuality, it ran aground after its towing cable was lost in a storm, but did not sink. While it could have been salvaged, a series of incompetent judgments by those handling the vessel resulted in irreparable damage to the rig. The Kulluk was a one-of-a-kind vessel; those who worked on it have spoken about it's manoeverability in ice-bound Arctic waters was unparalleled. One captain I spoke to who had worked on it felt quite emotional about the loss of this vessel. After the incident, Shell, its operator at the time, scrapped the vessel.

    For one account of the Kulluk story, here is a link: