Monday, September 12, 2016

Corrinne Wolcoski at Madrona Gallery 2016

Chasing the Light, 40 x 84, Oil on Canvas
Chasing the Light is a collection of ten major works by Vancouver based artist, Corrinne Wolcoski.  This series represents a further evolution of her iconic seascape paintings.   Wolcoski's delicate layering in oil creates a sense of depth and luminosity in these grand and tranquil works.Corrinne Wolcoski is a nationally recognized artist. She is a graduate of Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.  This is her third solo exhibition with Madrona Gallery. 
September 17 - October 1 
Corrinne Wolcoski - Chasing the Light
Opening Reception Sept 17 1-4 PM
Artist in Attendance 
Madrona Gallery 
606 View st.

Friday, September 9, 2016

John Janzen at Coast Collective Gallery

18 on race day by John Janzen


September 14 to October 2

John Janzen’s recent oil paintings show waves as an emotional response to man’s treatment of the ocean, and boats as fragile primitive liaisons between the two. Janzen got serious about art studies in 2001, first at University of Alberta, and later in Italy where he studied and painted daily. In Victoria, Janzen has been inspired by the power and movement of the ocean, how boats are weathered by it and how everything is eventually destroyed by its incredible power. Reception with music by Caelen La Rocque on Friday, Sept 16, 7-9pm

Coast Collective Gallery 
#103 - 318 Wale Road, Colwood, BC 

Liam Hanna-Loyd at Slide Room Gallery

Natasha Van Netten at Xchanges Gallery and Studios

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Frances Beckow - September 2016 - Artist of the Month

Dancing in the Sun

For me, an art practice is a quiet, personal time in my studio when colour, shape, line, texture and all the rest come together to produce something new. It is like a focused meditation with an outcome. Fabulous! I get calm and I get a product!

 Does it always go well ? No, but the challenge of making it work is intriguing. Which convination of the skills, the paint, the equipment will create the mood or balance I judge 'just right'. It is a bit like baby bear's porridge.

I love the psychical aspect of paint. The colour, the squishiness, the different ways the paint moves across the canvas depending on the tool, I am intent and curious about all of it. The magic that happens is fascinating and always new.
250 661 1953

Smile, Breathe, Let Go


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morgana Wallance - Chronos - Madrona Gallery

AUG 26 - SEPT 9
OPENING RECEPTION:  Aug. 26, 2016  7-10pm
Artist in Attendance

Madrona Gallery 
606 View Street
Victoria, BC

Destination Victoria at Coast Collective Gallery

An exhibition devoted to everything that makes Victoria and Vancouver Island a
world-class destination!

Coast Collective Gallery 
#103 - 318 Wale Road, Colwood, BC

Roy Green - New Paintings - Studio Robazzo

Marie Negel, Alanna Sparanese - I Like Thick Paint - Eclectic Gallery

Marie Nagel - Trees at Shuswap

Alanna Sparanese - Imagining This Place

Marie Nagel and Alanna Sparanese 
Aug 2 - Sep 3, 2016 

Eclectic Gallery 
2170 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria, B.C.

Mowry Baden - Toroidal Yodel - Deluge Contemporary Art

September 9 to October 8, 2016

Toroidal Yodel

Mowry Baden

Opening Friday, September 9, 7pm

Deluge Contemporary Art is proud to present its second exhibition by renowned sculptor Mowry Baden. Toroidal Yodel is an extension of the artist’s ongoing interest in haptic sculpture. “I am not interested in haptic sculptures that are merely extensions of visual scenarios,” Baden has stated, “and I don’t want to burden the viewer with any exotic conditions. I want the viewer to experience the sculpture as directly as possible.” Toroidal Yodel is a work in which Baden has employed vortices – torus-like (or donut-shaped) slugs of air that swirl around a trans-spacial axis – to hurl palpable but invisible donuts of air at people interacting with it. Because the number, direction and velocity of these air slugs can be controlled via computer, the technology has provided the artist vast opportunities for experimentation. Describing each moving torus as a “micro event,” Baden has imagined a “program of micro events as long as a sonata

Big Tiny Smalls - Actual Size - Polychrome Fine Art

Daniel Ellingsen - Commercial Alley - Open Space