Thursday, March 19, 2015

Art Atelier 546 gallery

Art Atelier 546 opens it's doors to the public with a grand opening gala night located at 546 Yates Street downtown Victoria.

The first opening show for Art Atelier546 is "Victoria:Past, Present and Future" an all photography show featuring Vancouver Island fine art photographers and their spectacular images of Victoria!

The grand opening is Saturday April 18th 7:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.

The show "Victoria:Past,Present and Future" starts Saturday evening April 18th until May 22, 2015.

Monday, March 16, 2015

We Draw The Line Here! a group show at the CACGV

Victoria Fine Art Show by the CACGV at the Atrium

The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria announces its first Juried Fine Art exhibition in 45 years at the Atrium (800 Yates St.), May 7-10 2015. Approximately 100 works will be selected for show and sale.

Submission of works and hanging costs are free to all applicants.

First round jury selection will be online.

Members of the Jury are well-known experts with deep roots in Victoria’s creative community, highly knowledgeable and representative of the diverse Capital region’s professional art community.

Jury Members:
Fran Willis: (former Fran Willis Gallery)
Elaine Monds: (Alcheringa Gallery)
Michael Warren: (Madrona Gallery)
Shawn Shepherd: (Polychrome Gallery)
Peter Such: (President Victoria College of Art)

Look for details and submission requirements on the CACGV website

Laura Rechwan, Nathaniel Churchill, Tai Dunkley-Whelon at Open Space


Vertical Gallery: Translation
PROJECT SPACE: March 13 - 28, 2015

ARTISTS: Laura Rechwan, Nathaniel Churchill, Tai Dunkley-Whelon
The Open Space Vertical Gallery project space presents Translation, an experimental immersive video installation by emerging artists Laura Rechwan, Nathaniel Churchill, Tai Dunkley-Whelon (Victoria, BC).

 To make a sound is to alter your environment.

Translation explores ideas of macro-micro and locale can be expressed through sound and video projection. How does the impact of our voices affect the space around us, as well as the consciousness of the viewer?

The parallel dynamics between the fluidity of sound and water are traversed through an aphonic five-hour group journey along the coastline of Victoria, followed by experimental instrument and vocal recordings.

David McCoy, Linda Dickson and Sid Chow Art Show

Pj Kelly exhibit Frontier reviewed by Debora Alanna

5 -19 March 2015
77-A Fort St
Victoria BC
Polychrome Fine Arts

Review by Debora Alanna
with conversation excerpts between Pj Kelly & Debora Alanna
Full conversation & interview located after the review.

Pj Kelly: Focus? It is poetry. That is how I have been thinking of this.
Rhythmic and systematic structuring emphasises consciousness through intonations of layer placement, colour choices and somewhat edgy, jaunty juxtapositions. Frontier is a collection of terse verses, quick-witted visual poems. Frontier is, by definition and presentation, beyond the commonplace. Kelly describes states of being.
Pj Kelly: The dot is so unthreatening as a little, small unit of mark.
Debora Alanna: There are so many dots.
Pj Kelly: I have a lot to say.
Kelly stacks serious layers of dots, spotted overlays, deposits of thought that contrast and meld. Whirling with thought, sheets of clear or opaque or multiple layers and cropped sheets of medium or acrylic paint stratum elevate layers of her diminutive and larger works.
Her surface creations begin flat as poured acrylic paint and media born textures. Rolled and cut swirls, layers of thick and progressively thicker paint puddles and swatches are interspersed with acrylic medium layers, painted paint - the painted medium.
Continue reading here:…/pj-kelly-frontier-5-19-m…