Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pop Up Art Sale - May 29 to 31, 2015 - Victoria, BC - Canada

Jay Hibbert and Adam Collison at Is This Menswear ?

Artist: Jay Hibbert
Is this Erotica is a collaboration between local artist Jay Hibbert and Calgary based photographer Adam Collison.

The show is a cross study of their chosen mediums in a visual discussion of what defines erotica.Both approaches are unglamourized, unpretentious mirrors of reality. None of the pieces feel un-relatable or idealized. They allow for the eroticization of the everyday. They take porn back from the porn stars.

The minimalist line drawings make the sexual playful and as the "physical" form of the the photography was removed it is no longer the visual that was enticing, it is the intention of the movement and the moment.

Opening reception: June 1, 2015 at 6 pm 
 1014 Meares St.

Leya Tess at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

This spring, Leya hitchhiked across Iceland with an awkwardly large roll of paper. Eventually she found her way to the Listhús Artist Residency in the small fishing village of Ólafsfjörður. Tucked away in a snowy fjord she bathed in the luxurious privilege of an abundance of time, frozen foods and geothermal heat. Following a methodical routine, she filled the 24ft roll of paper with an intricate web of intuitive freehand drawing.

These monochromatic drawings swim out into the waters of multiplicity and cyclical movement. They are obsessive mark meditations that tap into the intertwined and mutually engaged undercurrents that are most often obscured by the daily drudgery of the standard western grind.

Opening Reception:  June 4th from 7-10 pm

Marianne Enhorning, James Roberts and Guillermo Mier at Art Atelier 546

 "Think with your eyes"
Marianne Enhorning, James Roberts and Guillermo Mier
abstract artists

opening reception: May 30, 2015 at 7 pm 
546 Yates st.

Graham Macaulay at the Odeon Alley

Is this movement cyclical? Another season, window, state of being… stasis comes and goes again and again. Holding patterns. We would hold only those things that we want to keep, if we could. We take it all anyway, any and all of it. We are moved, unsteady. Move the furniture around again.

These things may be recuperative, if you will. Some things could mean only themselves, or what you will. Doubled up, this gathering in the folds. Hung up here on the tip of this changing. You always mean to become what you will be, and maybe this movement… how about it?

Warm regards,
Graham Macaulay
May 22 to June 5, 2015

I gratefully acknowledge the support of the BC Arts Council.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Marshall Hugh Kaiser and Karen Lynn Kaiser – May 2015 – Artists of the Month


Marshall Hugh Kaiser
 BFA, NSCAD (’89) 

Painting occupies all of my time in one way or another. I’m inspired by the everyday scene and how to enhance it so that viewers find it inspiring and compelling. A flat ocean in reality becomes tumultuous waves consuming the shore, a subtle sky is painted blood red to greet morning barges, everyday trees tower over the viewer and emote darkness. *
I start by making sketches of a subject and this often includes some background research. I apply a series of undercoats in a fairly loose manner and draw my subject with a brush. I work my painting up through many layers, gradually defining it, often in quite a lot of detail, allowing the paint to develop the work as well as the sketch. All of my work these days is in oil on canvas or board.

I’m based in Victoria but my portfolio also includes paintings of subjects from across the country as I grew up in the Maritimes and have travelled in Canada. I’m an active member of The Canadian Federation of Artists, The Coast Collective, and the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. My work can be seen in some of the many shows around town and in my studio in Chinatown’s Dragon Alley.


Kaiser Studios 2-532 ½ Fisgard St. Victoria (Dragon Alley)


Painting for me is an exploration of how I can use colour and technique to pay homage to the subject. I’m not attempting to faithfully represent every detail but rather to communicate the impression I get when I first see a subject.

Very often in my painting, I seem to be involved with a notion of time and its ephemeral quality, the sense of expectancy about it, and the secrets it carries with it. There’s poignancy to that.

My technique has been drawn from self-study of European, American and Canadian impressionists and post impressionists. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the light touch in that technique. *
Over the years my work has evolved to become looser and more interpretive which in turn, I think has brought more beauty and vitality to the pieces.

My process is to start with a wash of oil paint and draw directly on the canvas with a brush. I apply my first coat of colour over the wet wash. I try to complete a painting in about three coats as I find the more coats, the stiffer the image, resulting in a significant loss of energy in the piece.

I suppose I paint because I enjoy the challenge of trying to communicate with a brush and because I’m compelled to share what I find so moving with others.
-Karen Lynn Kaiser

Kaiser Studios 2-532 ½ Fisgard St., Victoria (Dragon Alley)

Sergio Rojas Chaves at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

J. Mclaughlin "Golden Supermatic" at Polychrome Fine Art