Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Christine Welsh, Tommy Ting, Thomas Kneubühler, and Dong-Kyoon Nam at Open Space

Work‘PLACE’, a group exhibition featuring Christine Welsh, Tommy Ting, Thomas Kneubühler, and Dong-Kyoon Nam, opens Friday, September 19, 2014. In this exhibition, the artists utilize a variety of strategies to interrogate the rapidly transforming definitions of “work.”

In our increasingly globalized economy everything from manual production to information management contributes to new understandings of labour.

What are the societal and economic ramifications of an economy that may no longer be rooted in a physical geography but in an intangible and sleepless network of digital information?
Each artist explores how the fluctuations of these working realities influence our identities and shifting subjectivities.

Join the artists September 19 and 20, in a visual contemplation that is elegant, unnerving, and monumental.

Opening reception: Friday, September 19, 2014, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Exhibition: Continues to Saturday, October 25
Artists' talks: Saturday, September 20, 2:00 p.m.
Demonstration: Saturday, October 4, 2:00 p.m.
Place: Open Space

Debora Alanna at the Ministry of Casual Living

Monday, September 15, 2014

Island Invitational at the Coast Collective gallery


Five fabulously talented artists from the Cowichan Valley and Salt Spring Island have collaborated to bring together a wonderful collection of diverse works which capture the artists' spiritual connection to the inspiring region we live in.

Susan C. Whitham "a clay artist who paints"
      Judy Weeden "ceramic artist"
     Mimi Roy "mixed metal artist"
      Bernadette McCormack "I am a painter."
      Coco Jones " I am a painter who writes

September 10 to 21, 2014
Coast Collective gallery

20th Anniversary of Winchester Gallery

September 16 – October 25, 2014
Winchester Gallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week with an epic art show, 100 and plus artists showing 150 plus art works! Congrats Winchester !!! 

Opening Reception (both locations)
Saturday, September 20, 2014   6 pm – 9 pm

2260 Oak Bay Avenue
758 Humboldt Street

Roy Green at the Ministry of Casual Living

Edmir Fernandes at Gage Gallery

Friday, September 12, 2014

VICTORIANA. Robert Randall at Polychrome Gallery 11th-25th Sep 2014, by Philip Willey.

Robert Randall is well known in Victoria as a member of the Downtown Residents' Association, as a Board member of the Open Space Arts Society and a past member of the City's Downtown Advisory Committee. Randall placed ninth out of 35 candidates for City Council in the 2008 municipal election. He is particularly concerned with issues of homelessness and drug addiction.

For his position on these and other issues see his blog.*


Randall is a man of many parts. He paints sets for TV movies and local theatre and can sometimes be found searching for industrial size quantities of personal lubricant (for use as a prop I should add). He also paints houses.

I first came across Robert Randall’s house paintings at Open Space in 2006. The show, curated by Roy Green, was called ‘Domestic Bliss’ and featured Randall together with Karina Kalvaitis and Martin Golland. As the title suggests the show was an exploration of domestic bliss ‘that elusive element that makes a house a home.’ Randall being particularly interested in houses as status symbols, architecture, shelter, security, investments, commodities and expressions of personal identity.


He uses real estate ads as source material for his house paintings but there is clearly an aesthetic sensibility at work. The colours he uses tend to comment on the banality of black and white ads drawing our attention to the contradictions between the realtor’s vision and the reality. Garage doors, blocky shrubbery, there is an overall abstract element to the composition and by painting on wood he introduces a historical perspective. The result is often quite stark. Ordinary dwellings become art objects but without any prettification which makes an interesting contrast to the work of more orthodox practitioners of the genre.


One wonders to what extent Randall’s paintings can be separated from his political activities. It’s all connected he says. His interests are wide ranging as can be seen in the show at Polychrome. The paintings are all quite small. Along with the houses are some small paintings of ships battling heavy weather and the recent fire in the View Towers apartment building on Quadra Street. Randall has an eye for anomalies. He is drawn to those points where the mundane becomes spectacular.


Politics has taken a back seat to painting lately he says. But he’s watching. Especially the Johnson Street Bridge which is predictably headed for cost overruns as the City tries to reconcile the vision with the reality.

· http://robertrandall.wordpress.com/page/12/

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reframe Art as part of Thinklandia- Victoria B.C.

ReFrame Art • Part of Thinklandia 2014
13 days • 15 events • 50 speakers • Free to everyone

In uncertain times, arts funding is often embattled. Amidst rapidly shifting social and financial landscapes, what is the future of independent arts? What is the real cost of “sustainibility”? Do arts groups continue chasing fleeting funding sources, engage more actively in tenuous corporate support, or does our relationship with the arts need to fundamentally change?


Steven Schmilar - Artist
Michael Warren - Madrona Gallery
Wendy Welch - Vancouver Island School of Art
Rande Cook - Artist
Joey MacDonald - InterArts Centre
Doug Jarvis - Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres (PAARC)

Made possible by RIFFLANDIA FESTIVAL, InterArts, and Telus.

Kristina Campbell at Martin Batchelor Gallery - Sep. 2014

Ancient Songs
Sep. 6 to Oct. 1, 2014 
Martin Batchelor Gallery 

opening reception: Sat. Sept.6  at 7 pm

Hisao Matsui at The Avenue Gallery

Sept 5 - 12
new paintings by Japanese born Hisao Matsui
The Avenue Gallery