Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lis Bailly – December 2015 – Artist of the Month !

Coastal Range

Like many other 'creatives', I have been making a few paintings and taking a few photographs along the way...always wishing there was time to do more. Now I am re-emerging into the world of fine art, devoting more time and creative energy to personal projects. 

I am an intuitive explorer of the natural world than a skilled technical photographer. Fascinated by colour, for me it is primarily about following the light. Sometimes it is a quick response to a texture or composition that captures my attention – finding something interesting in an everyday place. Often it is about the convergence of more painterly approaches while working with digital imagery to find new perspective. At this point I embrace the freedom to pursue several lines of inquiry – from the naturalistic, to the abstract .


Drift Wood

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