Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Margo Cooper - October 2015 - Artist of the Month

I paint freely and intuitively and because I love it. I use acrylic paints, because they are fast and forgiving, and am always experimenting with new mediums and methods.

I never go into a painting with anything in mind - in fact I try not to think too much at all when I’m in the studio. I push and dribble and scratch and scrape the paint over the canvas or board until images begin to appear and somehow both me and the work usually manage to agree that we’re done at some point.

What I enjoy most about the process is that I am truly surprised at the result every time I complete a work of art. Predictably, some of my pieces are fun, whimsical and open to much interpretation. I’ll tease the viewer with a provocative or silly title to get someone else’s take on it, which is seldom what I saw myself. However sometimes I will stay with a painting for weeks or even months, during which time more of “me” merges with the painted images and the painting grows into something which I could never have anticipated.  Some of these pieces are highly personal and never make it out of the studio, but as I get older and thicker skinned I am more willing to share and even celebrate the finished paintings with those who are kind enough to show interest.

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