Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Collage Art of Greg Evans, interview by Sheila R. Alonzo

Cold Shoulder a.k.a. Tie Racer

Rock, Paper, Scissors With Glue Stick Instead Of Rock
The Collage Art of Greg Evans
Where: theDock, Centre for Social Impact
3 Fan Tan Alley #300, Victoria, BC (Chinatown)
Hours: Please contact theDock
Exhibition until Sunday May 31st, 2015
Interview by Sheila R. Alonzo

SA: What is it about this medium (collage) that appeals to you?
GE: Why collage? Because it’s instant; if I can find the right images I can knock a piece off in a single evening. I also love the super-realism. I’m using photos to build a photo.

SA: What is your favourite piece in the show?  Can you tell me about it?
GE: I can’t pick a favourite, because I like them all. One that sticks out, though, is the “Cold Shoulder (Tie Racer)” because it is good for a laugh. And it is so simple.

SA: When did you start making collages?  Why?
GE: I started making collages in 1971. Everybody had groovy posters on their walls and I wanted something that no one else had. So I made my own.

SA: Do you find music influence your work?  How?
GE: I enjoy music when I’m making my art, but I don’t NEED it.

SA: How and where do you pick the images?  
GE: You can find collage components anywhere – books, magazines, junk mail, etc. If I get my hands on a National Geographic that I’ve never seen before, I can usually expect to get three collages out of it. Right now, piled along the wall in my dining room, I have twelve boxes of books and magazines and pages torn out of such. I’m trying not to allow myself to acquire any more until I turn out about 1,500 pieces and make some room.

Artist Statement:
These images are an attempt to show snap shots of a nearly possible parallel world.
When copied onto slide film, the collages, along with my other photography, film making and special effects work, are combined to be presented as visual accompaniment to music (usually rock) under the name Acid Rain Light Show.
Here, the pictures are being given a chance to stand on their own. I hope you enjoy these postcards from a land no one has ever traveled to.
Clip frame images are $100 and framed ones are $150.

Artist Contact:
Greg Evans
Tel. 250 598 7020

About the Space: theDock Victoria is a Centre for Social Impact. It is home for community builders, social entrepreneurs, creative and engaged people. We provide a platform for groups to experiment, blend sectors, and uncover innovations to manifest a more caring, resilient, and abundant future.

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