Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Angela Snieder at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

In her print practice, Angela Snieder is interested in concepts of the sublime relating to landscape, as well as notions of ambiguity. She is intrigued by ideas of micro and macrocosm, and to imagery that hovers between representational and abstract space, where the scale and subject matter are unclear. Her recent works address this space through landscapes that are rendered obscure by darkness to become at times nearly indecipherable. There is a particularity within the forms, but also a generalized sense of place. The moments of clarity and specificity slip into a seemingly infinite space, like a fragmented memory or a dream that cannot be fully recalled.

The artist has long been fascinated by works that prompt a certain intimacy and require a closeness of viewing - one that is so inherent to print. With hair as her current subject of thought, she seeks to utilize detail and small scale to heighten the awareness of the materials and their interaction. The small objects act almost as memorials, once part of the body but now isolated and carefully arranged as if in a state of mourning.

Opening Reception: Thursday April 3rd, 7-10pm
Free to attend, everyone welcome.

Show runs April 3rd to April 20th

The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective  2516 DouglasSt

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