Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Taryn Brown at The Gallery at Mattick's Farm

"When I am creating art I focus only on 2 things: colour and movement. I am most often inspired by floral lines, or lines from nature in general. Within my art I see systems both external and internal which connect us all. I see arterial, lymbic. the most infinitesimal systems which keep us alive, but then also it is as if I am regarding the earth from beyond the atmosphere, and I see tributaries, inlets, and land masses all connected by colours orbiting through a spacial system more distant than our imaginations can reach. The colours do not always blend but move together side by side in a complementary way which symbolizes how I believe we all interact; we are all unique shades on a canvas attempting to find a beautiful harmony within and without ourselves."

 Opening Reception August 8th 5-8 pm
Featured Artist August 1 - 31 2013

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