Sunday, June 2, 2013

Paul Jorgensen at West End Gallery

At the Bridge 36x30

Paul Jorgensen - Just Down the Street

Paul Jorgensen has created a collection of bright and playful new paintings for his much anticipated solo exhibition. Playing with perspective and form, he enjoys the contrast between the natural world and the man-made. With a stranger, bird’s eye, perspective, he delights in painting glimpses; whether it’s a house, hedge, car or gate these images drift in and out of reality and memory. Featuring locations near and far, lush gardens, twisted paths, elongated shapes and detailed patterning he transports the viewer into his whimsical world. The resulting work has delighted and captivated collectors both locally and internationally.

I like work that involves imagination and technique, and that suggests stories... I hope my paintings give people a good feeling, that there might be a pleasant something on the wall.

 Opening reception Saturday June 8. Artist in attendance between 1pm and 4pm.
West End gallery LTD
1203 Broad Street

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