Thursday, October 4, 2012

Malcolm Noakes-Smith at the gallery at Mattick's Farm

Malcolm Noakes-Smith
Oct. 1 to 31, 2012

 "My paintings are representational images in oil or acrylic on canvas. Aesthetic interpretations of the natural surroundings of the British Columbia West Coast are evident in my works and they are transformations of this"

"I strongly emphasize geometric design, balance, and solitude in tranquil settings and man-made objects. My work is defined by the linear interpretation found in imagery of the 21st century, expressed in the same or opposite context of these images. I feel we should not neglect tradition in life hence inspire to reflect this in my art. Inspirations are drawn from Turner, Hopper, Henry Moore, Hepworth and Hockney. They have inspired and influenced my my"

Other mediums and forms that I have worked in include metal, clay and stone sculpture, photography, and print making.

The Gallery @ Mattick's Farm  
109-5325 Cordova Bay St.

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