Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Willie Seo & Shea Hermanson -Canada 人 Art Exhibition - at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

Canada 人  -  Artists: Willie Seo & Shea Hermanson

The project Canada 人 depicts Canada’s multiculturalism through a visual language that addresses both literal and metaphorical identities within Canadian society. Canada is noted for being the world’s most multicultural nation. Residents immigrate from all over the world to share land and build policies. In this project, we visualize the idea of multiculturalism in Canada based on a sampling of one hundred people from the population.

* 人: a Chinese word which pronounces as [in] and means people.

** Don't miss out on the opening for a special showing of the animated portion of Canada 人 **

The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective 
Opening Reception : Thurs. March 1 @ 7:30 pm 
2516 Douglas St. 
Victoria, BC  Canada

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