Thursday, January 5, 2012

SPILL by Rebekah Johnson at The Fifty Fifty Arts Collective

Originally, Spill (1 - Sunlight) was shown in an all white room, at the Vancouver Island School of Art, burnt out light bulbs a metaphor for sunlight spilling through an imaginary window. Illuminated from below by a single fluorescent source, the bulbs glowed preternaturally, light ricocheting off the walls.

 In Spill (2 - Window), at the Slide Room Gallery (group show – Analog) a real window in the gallery space became the focal point for the spill of bulbs – natural light and fluorescent played across the glass and out into the room.

 In Spill (3 - Veil ), reconfigured for the fifty fifty, light bulbs are suspended vertically, completely filling the window. Lit from below and within, light is cast through the bulbs, forming a curtain. Inside the gallery, framed companion pieces lure us into the gallery and behind the veil.

By turns meditative, playful and beautiful, the Spills are a light-hearted examination of perception.

Rebekah holds a BFA (Theatre) and an MFA (Visual Art) both from the University of Victoria.
 opening reception January 5,  7-10PM

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