Monday, January 2, 2012

Jeroen Witvliet – January 2012 – Artist of the Month

Statue,  oil on wood 2011 18 x 14 inches

The paintings of Jeroen Witvliet respond to current events and happenings that find their roots in the past but shape our future. Without loosing a sense of the poetic, Jeroen's work explores the relationship between the materiality of paint, the failures of self and society.

He is intrigued by the way information is stored, manipulated and used for a plethora of different purposes and how this informs his own world view. The artist seems to be trying to discover parallels with past events in order to find some solace in the notion that maybe nothing is new and that there is a way to make sense of the world by regarding history as definite. Alas, his work shows a doubtful approach to the use of history. Recognizing that our perceived knowledge of the world has accumulated into a massive register of manipulations and falsification of the direct experience. Information has been layered, designed and obscured to aid and fit any agenda. By manipulating our ideas of public spaces, questioning media footage and creating fake monuments Witvliet's work engages in generating a dialogue between, perception, actuality and history.

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