Monday, May 29, 2017

Marianne Goodrich Art

I make assemblages on cradled wood panels, composed of discarded and new ceramic tiles, shards, beads,buttons,shells,feathers,driftwood,Japanese,
Thailand and Italian papers, jewellery and another found and/or new objects which I re-purpose.I also make mosaic pieces such as mirrors and panels using the same types of materials. Lately I have re-discovered the joy of collage. 

The most compelling reason I make art is because I love colour and texture, and in the last several years I have discovered that working with objects and moving them around to create relationships between their properties is even more enjoyable for me than painting or drawing. It can sometimes take hours or days to resolve the mystery of what will work with what, and when it works, that "aha" moment is wonderful .

Marianne Goodrich

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