Saturday, May 6, 2017

Amanda Salmon - May 2017 - Artist of the Month

Amanda Salmon is an emerging artist living and working in Victoria, B.C. She received her Batchelor of Fine Arts from Alberta College of Art + Design in 2015. Her work examines the ways dominant ideologies and visual culture shape understandings of Landscape as a genre in Contemporary Art. Her most recent body of work explores the lines between the landscape we view as idealistic, and the landscape that we interact with on a daily basis. Conceptually working through a library of symbols that act as stand-ins for elements of the traditional landscape ( and nature ), she accentuates where these lines meet.

I try to create representations of the landscape as simply as possible, to see how much we can derivefrom what we are given. I start with very simple associations that I reduce down into a symbol or stand in. In a way I am tasting how little it takes to represent a Landscape through a contemporary framework. After spending the last few years building my library, I have began playing with one or two symbols, and in the case of fresh air -the pool and fake grass to redefine the landscape genre for myself, and bring the traditional idea of landscape into a contemporary sphere. There is also always an element of simulacra and simulation in the work that challenge levels of reality, a concept that is often blurred.

Amanda Salmon
salmon_amanda (instagram)
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