Thursday, January 5, 2017

Janis Blyth - January 2017 - Artist of the month

paradise found
A little spiritual help need it 

Janis Blyth's art captures the energy, humour and soul of the themes she paints. Strong colour and statement reflecting life's journey bounce off her canvas'. There is a vitality and spirit of the people as they interact with one another or with the elements of nature in the art.

     Janis worked in fashion retail after graduating from Uvic with a Fine Arts Degree. This influenced some of her creativity using pattern and layering of paint which was similar to the build up of fabrics and textures of the clothing. While raising her family in Vancouver, Janis participated in numerous group and solo shows. Moving to the Okanagan in 2010, she embraced the wine industry and it's people into her artwork. Showing in different wineries and meeting tourists, Janis' art flourished. The pull towards family however brought Janis and her husband back to the island.

     Acrylic and gouache are her favoured mediums. Janis is a member of the Gage Gallery- Arts Collective in Oak Bay.

well balanced

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