Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rachel Vanderzwet at Deluge Contemporary Art - 2016

Rachel Bangels

Rachel Vanderzwet
Nov. 11 to Dec.10, 2016 

Approaching her practice with curiosity and a desire to explore the complexity and allure of contemporary visual culture, Vanderzwet is drawn to source imagery often fraught with what she terms “bubble gum” qualities. Her work is bright and cheeky, loud and alluring, energetic and humorous, but it never loses touch with the the quotidian and familiar. The surfaces of her paintings and large scale mediated collages flirt with the edges of recognition, engaging in a playful negotiation of material, composition and subject matter which is sometimes fully realized and at other times falls into abstraction. Vanderzwet’s layered compositions offer the viewer the possibility of untangling her unabashed and engaging surfaces while simultaneously creating further intrigue through her sure-handed manipulation of colour, material and form.

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