Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Liz Dailey - November 2016 - Artist of the Month

Throughout the process of art making, I always try to combine sensuality and spirituality as interchangeable elements. A spiritual energy lies in our landscapes and cityscapes and how people interact with that energy serves as my inspiration, I love observing the nuances of human expressions and how people move through their world. My work often appears fantasy-like and surreal and when people look at my paintings I want them to say I once had a dream like that. 

Liz Dailey taught high school visual art for 26 years in Ontario and now happily creates art in her studio and frequently exhibits her work in solo and group shows.

Liz earned her honours BFA degree from the University of Calgary, B.Ed.  from the University of Western Ontario and her Masters in Art Education from the University of Western Ontario (2011).  Liz enjoys working in a large range of media that includes oil paints, encaustic oil, acrylics, conte, charcoal, chalk & oil pastels and glass fused painting.

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