Monday, October 10, 2016

EXPAND - Carole Thompson at XChanges Gallery by Mary-ellen Threadkell

Traveling with artist Carole Thompson I went through spaces in her new work I never had been before yet somehow found familiar. As the viewer/traveler, I was gently shifted into the cosmos where the artist's vision of the fundamental nature of existence is revealed.

Viewing the work I felt rhythms, frequencies and patterns emanating from it; an underlying pattern of forms constantly changing or morphing into others as in a choreographed dance or symphony with multiple movements. Just as Matter’s waves are spaced at intervals corresponding to the frets on a harp or guitar the viewer may well experience the musical harmony in her work while travelling through it. Colours too have their own frequencies and patterns and clearly the artist is highly sensitive to those. Although making order out of chaos is common to many artists' practises, the use of aspects of sacred geometry is obviously paramount in creating this body of work. The chaos one encounters at first because of the magnitude of the artist's works is at the same time mysteriously calming. There is enough space to pause, consider and adjust to the whole. The molecular formations found in Matter from crystals to the atom or the cells found in water, plants and you and I are vital in her search for meaning behind the impermanence of anything that could remain static. Her imagery encompasses the energies that are the constant in the evolution of her subject – Expand.

Sacred geometry is evident not only on a microscopic scale but on the macroscopic as well. The Artist takes us through this evolutionary journey and captures the constants that are within it. Finding balance within impermanence has been her theme through non-linear time and multi-dimensional realities. She is an energy traveler as is evidenced by her strong personal connection of being sensitive to the energies she encounters along the way and the interaction or positioning of them in relation to each other. These energies are evoked in the use high key colour and in the multi transparencies which reveal an inner connectedness of her voyages. Her use of a grid system within this series creates intersections of time and space which take the viewer through many layers and in a multitude of directions. Although not mapping per se, the grid enables reassuring boundaries of activity that enables pathways throughout the work without diminishing the surprises.

The Expanding Field Series is powerful. As the universe is constantly expanding and revealing to us its new wonders, Carole Thompson's work takes us to new horizons and makes us thirst for the next. There are many horizons to experience in this body of work.

Expand is showing at Xchanges gallery and Studios from October 7 to 23, 2016
Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 4 pm, or by appointment.

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