Saturday, September 3, 2016

Frances Beckow - September 2016 - Artist of the Month

Dancing in the Sun

For me, an art practice is a quiet, personal time in my studio when colour, shape, line, texture and all the rest come together to produce something new. It is like a focused meditation with an outcome. Fabulous! I get calm and I get a product!

 Does it always go well ? No, but the challenge of making it work is intriguing. Which convination of the skills, the paint, the equipment will create the mood or balance I judge 'just right'. It is a bit like baby bear's porridge.

I love the psychical aspect of paint. The colour, the squishiness, the different ways the paint moves across the canvas depending on the tool, I am intent and curious about all of it. The magic that happens is fascinating and always new.
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Smile, Breathe, Let Go


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