Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Deborah McColl - August 2016 - Artist of the Month

Intercellular #5, graphite on wood panel, 12"x12"

I think of all my work as drawings. Drawing is a descriptive language that extends my vocabulary and allows me to view my experiences through an extensive range of marks, materials and approaches. Every drawing is a hand-made journey through a passage of time that includes adventure, struggle and resolution. Through a process of construction and deconstruction, the line weight, character and quality of each mark, reflects my state of mind and feeling response to the subject matter. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture ephemeral subject matter such as clouds, wind and the illusion of light by a continuous manipulation of materials.

Intercellular #3, graphite on wood panel, 12"x12"

Ape Skull X-ray, graphite on wood panel, 12"x12"

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  1. I'm digging these drawings. A lot different than you'd normally see in the Vic art scene.