Thursday, March 24, 2016

Temporal Anxiety at Deluge Contemporary Art

5-9, Ulf Lundin 2013 HD Video

March 26 to April 23, 2016

Temporal Anxiety

Aleksander Johan Andreassen (Norway)
Ulf Lundin
Mirka Morales
Daliah Ziper

Curated by Deborah de Boer and Todd Eacrett

Temporal Anxiety comprises a media installation of four works examining the passage, perception and fluidity of time through natural and man-made cycles; from literal stop-motion condensing reality to extended shots questioning the nature of linear temporality.

Andreassen, off camera, is the interlocutor in a loaded conversation with his aging mother, whose days are spent in a passive fog of inactivity. She considers the absence of velocity or impetus in her life, installed in front of a television in the family home. Her son mourns the active love of a mother against the sounds of a ticking clock and images stuttering on the screen that holds her in thrall. Past and future arrive at a chemical détente—no longer mediating what is seen or not seen, said or not said.

5–9 observes the structure and goings on in a Swedish office building. The camera zooms in and out as scenes shift from tightly shot micro-dramas of unobserved workers to wide panoramic views. The building becomes a kind of stand-in for film itself; each of the hundreds of windows a frame illuminating small suggestive narratives over the proscribed period of the title, fomenting a deft and silent tension between natural observed activity and voyeuristic impulse.

Working from ideas of reciprocity law (the inverse relationship of intensity to time), Morales captures and reanimates cycles of nature into a kind of elemental filmic divination. This “as above so below”—the formation and dissipation of everything—is captured in an emulsion that refuses to work in sync with time, the Reciprocity Failure of the film's title.

Über Sehen plays with the nature of perception itself. What do we privilege when looking at something acutely and what do we miss in the process of doing so? The sonic nature of illumination is as much a player in this piece as light itself: a 50 cycle hum oscillates behind our eyes as we struggle to know what we are seeing, moving from the luminous to dark, from detail to abstraction and back.

Aleksander Johan Andreassen is a Norwegian artist and filmmaker. His work, which explores perspectives on normalcy, spirituality, passivity and belongingess, has been screened at exhibitions and film festivals worldwide. Andreassen has done video design for theatre plays as well as cinematography for stop motion film. He holds a BFA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, Norway and an MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ulf Lundin was born in Alings
ås, Sweden and received his MFA from the School of Photography at the University of Gothenburg. He now lives in Stockholm and works as an artist, primarily in the fields of video and photography. Recent group exhibitions include Framing Bodies, Hasselblad Center, Göteborg (2015), MAC International, The MAC, Belfast (2014), Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars and Artists, Shirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2014) and Centre Pompidou – Metz (2014) and Antimatter (Media Art), Victoria (2014). Recent solo presentations include Here You Are, one-night event in the window of Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm, 5-9 at KKW – Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig (2015) and 5-9, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm. Lundin is represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm.

Mirka Morales is a San Francisco-based media artist, originally from Puerto Rico. Because of where she grew up, she’s driven by a fiercely anti-colonial spirit, although her films are extremely personal and only indirectly political. Working in 16mm film and digital formats, lucid dreams are created from an intimate, poetic, DIY perspective. Images unfold organically, from an experiential point-of-view, using a variety of cinematic techniques, including time-lapse, stop-motion animation and live action. Recent short films include Reciprocity Failure, Imum Coeli (bottom of the sky) and Elfm
ädchen. Her work has screened at festivals, galleries, museums and cinematheques, such as the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Antimatter, Sundance Film Forward at the Museo de Puerto Rico, Anthology Film Archives, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Burning Man. Morales is currently working on a long form experimental narrative, titled 13th Street Division.

Daliah Ziper started the
Über Sehen project after graduating from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. The photographic series was released in a two-volume book at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, exhibited at I Never Read - Independent Art Book Fair Basel 2015 and published in the Austrian Magazine Stadtform. Her experimental film of the same title premiered at Simulatan Video and Media Art Festival (Romania) and screened at Antimatter [Media Art], Balkan Beyond Borders Short Film Festival (Greece) and at The Deutsche Filmmuseum in Frankfurt (Germany). In 2014, Ziper was Artist in Residence in Tetovo, Macedonia, where the work she developed was presented in the solo exhibition Dissolving City. Her second solo show in Tirana presented two photographic series — Behind Facades and Geometric Trees (2015) — supported by the Germany Embassy Tirana and the European Cultural Foundation. She is currently working on her second short film, Hotel Kummer, and exhibiting a series of cameraless photography in the exhibition Off Hanauer 147 in Frankfurt.

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