Monday, February 1, 2016

Liam Hanna Lloyd - February 2016 - Artist of the Month

Liam Hanna Lloyd was born in Victoria BC; his childhood immersed in paint and ink, graphite and charcoal. Liam’s teens were spent listening to local luminaries immortalized in aerosol, drawing ideas too tall to take and realizing realistic reverie. Today and always art is not something that Liam does; it is his whole life, it is perpetual, it is an exhale. He is a self taught artist, who finds lessons in old movie posters, house sparrows, memories and the sub conscience.  His goal is to put forth a pure and humble idea which communicates to every person.


  1. Look forward to Liam's one-person exhibition in the Slide Room Gallery in September 2016 co-curated by Laura Gildner and Wendy Welch