Monday, January 25, 2016

Jason Balaam & Ty Danylchuk at Polychrome Fine Art


  1. Did Malevich need to explain his White on White or Black on Black Paintings? I can see his paintings and see/perceive/feel/ understand what he intended, without a video of him explaining his masterpieces of Universal Art. Just my opinion. I.A.

  2. My suggestion would be more just to inform the community of this opening and the dates for which this exhibit will be available at Polychrome Arts. Maybe show a couple of works in a way as to pique the interest of the viewers and lead the horses to the water. But not the video that is posted . I find it counter-intuitive. I know that it's a freebie for the artist, but that does not mean just do a talking head and worse. Again, my personal, artistic and professional opinion only. No personal issues with any person alive or dead. Just trying to be part of the conversation as I am. Thank you for the understanding. I hope to attend the opening too. Polychrome Arts Gallery is most favourite Gallery in the whole wide Victoria and I love Shawn and Mary and their tastes and everythin'! Si señor! (: