Thursday, January 7, 2016

Duncan Regehr - Everlast - at Winchester Gallery

Winchester Galleries is pleased to present new work by Duncan Regehr.

My work of the last 40 years has been focused primarily on creating figurative art through series devoted to specific themes. My paintings, drawings and sculpture have explored the human condition, myth, history, psychology, science and philosophy. I have not engaged another genre since the abstract Geoscapes and Henge paintings – works made in California during the early 1980s.
While I continue to develop different figurative series, the ‘Scapes’ of EVERLAST, offer a departure from those works.

The images were derived more from a state of mind than they were from specific physical locations or subject matter. Not unlike previous figurative compositions, these oil and mixed media paintings retain visceral and resolved expression of the emotions and psychological awareness that fostered their creation. Through vistas which capture moments in time, they invoke memories of joy, love, sorrow, comfort, longing...vivid recollections of beginnings, endings, stories, poetry, music, myth and history.

 Opening Reception: Saturday, January 16, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Duncan Regehr will be in attendance.
Brent Jarvis, piano; Rob Johnson, bass

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