Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kenna Barradell – September 2015 – Artist of the Month

sep artis 2015

I laughed with inner acknowledgement when a friend and relative recently called me an ADHD Introvert! Irritatingly, I knew she had a point, but it helped me put in perspective a serious dilema that has always dogged me. Really, what does that label mean to me. Well, it means that I need constant stimulation, change and new challenges that will ignite the passion to create art. At the same time, I long for huge empty blocks of time and space, without the daily pressures of life's duties or the interference of human interaction, where the passion to create a new piece can well up from within that void. A strange mix of requirements that make this artist's life rather precarious. I can't produce work just because I have a show coming up. I can only produce work when I have the right conditions. I have only recently begun to search for the ideal recipe.

While I have repeatedly turned to artistic expression to fulfill a inner spiritual desire, it is only in the past decade that I have persued creativity, trying to find my niche. It has been rather like trying to find a job or career when you are young and looking for work that will be inspiring. I return time after time to the human form for inspiration. My first drawings as a child and again as an adolescent were of people. My focus at art school, the same. I am a figurative artist. Only in the past couple of years have I sunk into the comforting warmth of knowing what inspires me. It is late in the day to be starting a career, but I feel I am being carried away by the energy of a great river. Like a white water kyaker, I will pick my path through the chasms downstream, not able to control all the turns, but enjoying the ride.

sep artist 2 2015

sep artist 2015

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