Thursday, August 27, 2015

Linda Darby and Marilyn Chapman at Gage Gallery Arts Collective

Linda Darby & Marilyn Chapman 
“Betwixt and Between”

August 25 - September 12 2015

Betwixt and Between is an ambiguous position. It may be seen as a seedbed of cultural creativity, the ideal learning place where boundaries dissolve, old perspectives are contested and new experiences and possibilities are created.

Through the lens of liminality, Linda and Marilyn seem to challenge existing boundaries and explore place as a threshold of fluid and shifting experience where we can begin to think and act in new ways. In these new works, they suggest a variety of interactive spaces. The result is illusory space, a projected plane of scale and colour that becomes part of an intimate physical encounter.

Linda and Marilyn are interested in taking a fresh approach to the challenges of making compositions with a persuasive sense of depth, drama and play. These paintings promise a dynamic dimension, creating subtle plays on perceptual and imaginary space.

The show, “Betwixt and Between”, is an invitation to envision, meditate, contemplate, dream, celebrate and imagine.

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