Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marilyn Peeters – March 2015 – Artist of the Month !

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A Long Winding Road
My Work transcends the limits of British Columbia’s natural landscapes, while still capturing the essence and symbolism of British Columbia. As a painter, my work embraces the experience of nature through the harmonies found within environments, the richness of colours, textures and the effects of light. The quiet walks along the rivers, oceans, lakes, mountains and forest trigger my senses and these experiences are what inspire the finished product. 

My connection with nature has been engraved in my soul since childhood. As a child I remember spending many hours alone in the forest behind my parents’ house lost in my own imaginary games and thoughts. The forest became my extension of home, an area that gave me a release from the unsettling family dynamics in the home. I was not taught as a child to have faith but I guess I seemed to have found a sense of peace in the woods at a young age. 

Now as an adult, I continue to appreciate the land in a dynamic way; nature brings me a sense of empowerment and strengthens my soul which allows me to create a place that is somewhat unusual. I like to see it as a manifestation from a form of a spiritual ground of my faith. 

My photograph references are only a starting point of my work. I prefer to allow my imagination to develop my paintings rather than to create a painted version of a photograph. Before I begin to paint I feel it’s important to have a planned colour palette not only because it will make the painting harmonious but it would also create the right mood but yet, how it turns out is always a mystery. I believe my paintings can be said to mirror an active mind fetching something new and then registering it into the field of consciousness.

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A Vision
Marilyn and her husband moved to Vancouver Island during the 80’s where she extended her knowledge in art working as a versatile artist throughout the Comox Valley. Marilyn volunteered with a theatre gaining extensive experience as a set designer and painter. With this experience, she was offered many mural contracts from the downtown Courtenay and Campbell River BC merchants. Soon after, she decided to complete her studies of Fine Art with North Island College and Emily Carr University where she completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2009.

Marilyn has exhibited her works on canvas in galleries, restaurants, pubs, airports, offices, and resorts at many locations across Vancouver Island including a private collection at the St Joseph’s hospital, Courtenay B.C. Her work is represented in Victoria and Sooke, B.C. Her international exposure includes, Dubai, UAE.

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Cozy Valley
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A Special Day at Goose Spit 

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