Thursday, October 2, 2014

Edmir Fernandes – October 2014 – Artist of the Month

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Welcome into the art of Edmir Fernandes (EFernandes), a Brazilian born painter, who has been fascinated by the abstract form and movement of colours from his days: as a child, playing with his brightly painted toys or as a scientist, using the colorimetric to determine concentrations by colour intensity; or as a mature artist meticulously painting and arranging pistachio shells in patterns that reveal unspeakable beauty. Wherever he goes and whatever Edmir experiences, he extracts into sensations and patterns of light. In Shiny Happy People Edmir assembled 1,800 individually coloured pistachio shells in a 4'x8' diptych, representing the diversity of people and the colours of skin in search of their ‘planets’. (*)

Painting connects Edmir to the world of colours allowing him to express his loose painting style freely. He works on oils and acrylics, both canvases and wood panels. The work is rich in colours, textures, with hues emanating from multiple layers of paint. He concentrates on getting into a state of “readiness”, creating and conceptualizing the colours and brushstrokes needed to execute his work by setting up the desired variety of materials, which occurs within a state of mind, during which time the artist is oblivious of what is being created. Edmir’s passion is to create paintings for the enjoyment of others and himself.

He says: "I play with contrasts and colours and invite the viewer to feel the painting as a whole, and enter my World of Colours."

Why EFernandes uses Pistachio Shells?
It is because he likes working with their hollow and rounded shapes and their interesting differences. Every little shell is different, but among the diversity, there is one which is similar; like the original principle of twin shells. Other shells can be diversity or unity, discrepancy or harmony, depending on the colours, lines, movements. Every shell piece purposely arranged has its own meaning; which is led by the viewer’s eyes. The delicateness of the shells may be enhanced when they are painted in a diverse range of colours, contrasting light and dark, soothing your soul, enhancing your senses and your imagination. When Edmir chooses bright colours, this is the expression of his cheerful, lively, and radiant personality and the way he prefers to connect to people and to thank Mother Nature for its unspeakable beauty.
Edmir has a home-based studio under the name EFERNANDES, which is also the signature of his paintings. His paintings are in many private and public collections, to mention Singapore, France, Philippines, Canada, Chile, USA and Brazil.

You are welcome to visit his comprehensive website full of interesting information at as well as at
By Craig Spence, Writer (*)

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