Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rob Miller - August 2014 - Artist of the Month

Cowichan Farmland - 8"x24" - oil on panel

Farm Near Shaunavon - 8"x24" - oil on canvas

I grew up on the Alberta prairies, where I gained my appreciation for the sky and wide open spaces.  I graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a BFA in painting in 2000.  Currently, I make my home in the town of Duncan on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island where I paint landscapes from both west coast and my prairie roots.  Each place has its own weather, colours, and atmosphere. Together they form a sense of place that I want to share with the viewers of my work.

Up until 2013 I worked almost exclusively in acrylic on canvas.  Achieving the affect I was looking for though was a continual challenge.  Having always had an interest in the technical aspects of paint I decided to try to hand make my own oil colors. It only took one brush stoke with my new handmade paints to know that my supplies of acrylic would likely go unused for some time.  Although making paint is a laborious and time consuming process, I do enjoy it. I love learning how to make things by hand, and have great appreciation for traditional materials and methods.

The View form South Winchelsea - 8"x24" - oil on panel

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