Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tamsin Clark at Deluge Contemporary Art

July 25 to August 23, 2014
If I Wore a Hat I'd Hang it Here

Tamsin Clark

Opening Friday, July 25, 7pm

"These Polaroids are the places and spaces I have lived over the last few years, indexes if you like, and like the writer William Faulkner in his novel Absalom Absalom they are reiterated over and over, windows, mirrors, bedrooms, gardens, landscapes. They are conversations I’ve had with these spaces and places. Because they are photographs they are also about light: the light and viewpoint can hide the flaws in the mundane and turn it into a thing of beauty, or at least a curiosity."

Tamsin Clark is an Anglo Canadian photographer and educator interested in the still and moving image. She received her BFA from the University of Saskatchewan and MFA from the University of Victoria. Clark has exhibited widely in Canada, Mexico and Europe and her work is held in various collections nationally. She currently resides in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

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