Sunday, July 13, 2014

Glynn Morrissey - July 2014 - Artist of the Month

I paint because it has been a desire of mine since I was a small boy to create. My mother sometimes would just about pull her hair out trying to find paper that I hadn't created something on in our house when I was a little boy. It has always been an internal drive of mine to draw and paint. Sometimes for no other reason but to just do.

I love colour and I am not afraid to use it. Even in the most monochromatic of paintings I do there is a bright splash of colour somewhere to be found. I love putting colour where it is least expected. A landscape could produce a wisp of green in it's sky and not feel totally out of place with my work. It just happens for me and I love doing the unexpected.

I work mostly in acrylic paint. But, the medium has broadened in a short time and now I mix it up with ink, water colour and oil. I guess my figures are more identifiable as being synonymous with my work. I create a lot of figures, mostly nude males. I find the male figure very expressive. Not that the female figure is not, I just find the male figure more representative of what I trying to say.

My landscapes are pretty identifiable as well since they sit mostly on the fantastical. Reality is they are representative of places of I have been or wanted to visit. I try to stay away from creating absolute definable images when doing landscapes. The reality is in most cases they are personal spaces for me alone to remember what I saw or what impressed me about a place. I am thrilled when people identify the area or have an idea where my landscape maybe since it is not always the image that impresses someone it is the essence that may ignite peoples ideal of a landscape.

To me my work is a redefinition of myself. A finding out of who I am. Essentially, this is something I LOVE to do and at a point in my life things like that were considered frivolous. Life got in the way. So basically, I have come full circle to finding myself again. So for me painting is me.

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