Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ron Wilson – April 2014 – Artist of the Month

Joy! Three paintings sold this month - I know that sales come and go like waves, but every purchase is an affirmation that we ARE artists.

Drawing and painting are my bag - throbbing landscapes and seascapes of Greater Victoria are still a favourite - not forgetting portraits. 

My style is a hundred years old 'cos I've been influenced by Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn. The Group of Seven? Brilliant, especially Tom Thomson. Brushwork (with attention to edges) and composition (away with boring) - these are the things I aim for in my work.
It's great to be an artist in Victoria  - there are so many brilliant artists here - I have to paint like billy-o to feature in my adopted land. Born and raised in South Africa, I am a Canadian eh and love it - you guys have been very kind to me and my family.

More about art? Just do it, try different media, I find that if I do a watercolour or a pastel then the lessons learn are visited on my home medium, in my case oils.

I think I'm a shy extrovert because I enjoy being invited to demonstrate and "mentor" at local art clubs. I know what you're thinking - Wilson is a show-off. No, Wilson is a passionate painter and shares his enthusiasm with any soul who will listen.

I could rattle on, but let me add my thanks to Efren for including my work this month. His regular video coverage of the arts is wonderful. Keep it up. - my main website

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