Monday, January 6, 2014

Jim Swain (Words) exhibit "Beyond Bad" reviewed by Philip Willey

Went to Jim Swain’s opening. Made a few notes. Here they are. Lots of people. Music….by Oliver Swain. Basquiat maybe. Late Picasso. Punk philosophy. Bad is good. Distrust of language. Love/hate relationship with fine art. None of that analytical art-speak stuff. Doing them on cardboard suggests transience….here today gone tomorrow. Spontaneous and free. Canvas is inhibiting. Archival quality? They should last a hundred years. Nothing is permanent. Still-lifes, flower vases etc. with figures integrated. Variations on the nude human figure. All male. Jim’s not sure why. Humanity reduced to basics. Alone in the universe. Waiting for Godot. Life. Death. Masks. Pleasing colours, not too garish. Nicely framed this time which creates a certain contradiction. Adds another dimension. It also bumps the price up to $200 each. Good? Bad? People like them. Lots of red dots. Good for Jim. Maybe they aren’t so bad. Enough words.

Philip Willey

Beyond Bad
Martin Batchelor Gallery 
Jan. 4 to 30, 2014 

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