Monday, December 2, 2013

Jeanne Cannizzo - December 2013 - Artist of the Month

Jeanne Cannizzo

Cannizzo is currently undertaking research on the historical British collections of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; she also did the re-hang of the Spencer Mansion rooms there in 2012. An anthropologist, with an MA from the University of Toronto and a PhD from the University of Washington, her fieldwork was on the street masquerades of urban children in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Special interests are the anthropology of art, material culture and critical museology, all subjects which she taught at the University of Edinburgh and which inform her own art. While living in Scotland she was an occasional guest curator for the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Our Highland Home: Victoria and Albert in Scotland was her last exhibition for that gallery before returning to Canada.

Her works have been shown in Naples, Florida at the Von Liebig Art Centre in a juried exhibition and also in a juried exhibition in Dundee of the Scottish Society for the Visual Arts. In 2010 her Smugglerius Revealed was exhibited at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. This exhibition featured a plaster cast of a flayed man, used for teaching art students anatomy at the Edinburgh College of Art. Cannizzo discovered a possible identity for the man, an 18th century criminal hanged in London for robbery, and with her co-artist then draped the form with various cloths, symbolically restoring both his skin and his humanity. Objects and the relationships they embody, cross-cultural encounters and current events are the things she most often explores in her paintings, drawings and collage work.

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