Monday, November 4, 2013

Dan Morgan – November 2013 – Artist of The Month

Bern.jpg Nov.2013 Artist

My paintings are inspired by the bustle of the city, the old growth forests that surround us, and the creatures that inhabit them.

I like to take a blank surface of white emptiness and fill it with strokes to create space and depth.I often let the painting form itself like a living entity.  My subjects come from my own experiences whether I take a photo while walking in the forest, or from an image I feel a connection to.  I start with something simple and add or take away, collaging more images from reality into the image, or just slightly changing it into something that feels deep, using small marks of paint to create light and shadow until the image is complete.
My personal preference of medium is oil pastel and at times I use acrylic for large backgrounds.  Oil pastel is very hands on and I can really feel the connection to the canvas. 

I create  sharp dark lines that encompass areas of lightly blended colors, as many as I can to draw you in closer until you believe you are in my false reality.  To me, the painting process is an obsessive fixation.  Once I start, I don't stop until I see the end result.  Furiously working to gratify my creativity like a candle melting itself away, it's all energy. I push myself until I see the end result. It is a very personal, spiritual process for me.

Dan Morgan


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