Monday, October 7, 2013

Jannaca Chick and Martha Chick at Bubby's Kitchen

From India to Italy
 A photographic Journey
Martha Chick & Jannaca Chick
October 6th - December 8th
Bubby's Kitchen
355 Cook St, Victoria, BC


Jannaca Chick

I lived in the northwestern Himalayas in India for 25 years. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and exotic culture I was inspired to take up photography to document my life there. I passed many happy seasons trekking in these holy mountains, and they rewarded me with unusual and unique access to the mosaic of different local cultures, both Hindu and Buddhist, that occupy this transitional zone between Tibet and the Indian subcontinent.

In 2011, I returned to revisit some of my favourite places in the high altitude desert of Ladakh and Spiti. These areas, bordering Tibet, are the home of unique Tibetan Buddhist communities, whose traditions have remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

This collection of photos contrasts the barren mountainous terrain with the mysterious and colourful Buddhist monasteries which decorate the landscape of this harsh and magnificent country.

Martha Chick

I studied art and photography at Concordia University in Montreal in the mid-1980’s. The photographic process has always been near and dear to my heart, it being a passion that I share with my father.  On a recent trip to Italy an aspect of my artistic expression became re-invigorated. How can one not be inspired and transformed when visiting a country so rich in history and architectural wonders? 

The photographs that I am showing are all taken in Venice, a city that some may call “smelly” or “dirty” – that I found stunningly beautiful, mysterious and romantic.

When I was studying in Montreal, my source of inspiration was always the back alleyways and the parts of the city that people tended to walk past or through without a second glance. Today I find that these are the things that I am still drawn to – small real life vignettes that are overlooked. I see beauty in decay and love to capture this aspect of life on film and through painting.

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