Monday, September 16, 2013

Quartette Art exhibit at the Coast Collective Gallery

Definition: a group of things of the same kind that belong together; four people considered as a unit.

Four artists - Sherry Mitchell, SFCA, Joan Larson, SFCA, Anne Marie Veal & Maia Levine - two painters, one potter, and one rug hooker - brought together with the common goal of exhibiting  their work as a group, and thus the name “Quartette”. As individuals, they each approach art in four different ways with four different mediums: watercolour, chalk pastel, clay, and wool. The artistic results, however,
have a common theme of exceptional quality and stunning visual appeal – botanical watercolours so realistic that you will feel the crunch of dry leaves and smell the blackberries; pastels of horses so beautifully rendered that you will want to reach out and feel those velvet coats; glazed pottery that you will covet to grace your table for your next dinner party; and original, often complex designs in traditional hooking that beg the question, “Is it a rug or is it art?”

Shown together, this exhibition allows the viewer to experience professional, high quality fine art and craft in one space. Together the grouping of these four  talented artists takes on a synergy that allows the viewer to experience the commonalities, as well as differences, in the production and representation of four unique approaches to fine art.
“Quartette” will be a feast for your eyes. We know that you will enjoy the experience.

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