Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mike Munroe - September 2013 - Artist of the Month

Victoria sunset

I’m crazy about photography. It is a truth-teller and a liar. It’s a story of life. Every photo speaks volumes about the photographer as much as the subject.

I was born and raised in Alberta, but I always knew I wanted to live by the sea. I was inspired by the mystery and the vastness of the ocean. I paged through heaps of old National Geographic magazines, admired the likes of Jacques Cousteau and dreamed of exploring the sea for myself.

I always had a passion for drawing and photography, but over the last several years I've leaned heavily on photography as a creative outlet. Nature and wildlife inspire me. I try to spend most of my spare time exploring this beautiful coast. As long as I live here, I want to try and capture that beauty as I see it.

Whenever possible, I try to be experimental. I love trying new techniques and I’m always looking to create my own. In 2003, I had access to an excellent dark room where I developed the Light Prints technique. This is a photographic process but it is done by hand and doesn’t involve a camera. The prints are quite abstract, but to me they speak of nature and the sea.

For now, my plan is simply to continue my journey in photography, trying to capture all the things that move me. The fulfillment I get from pursuing my artistic voice is all the payment I need. I expect I’ll pursue it for the rest of my life.

Mike Munroe

Light print

Sombrio beach

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