Monday, July 1, 2013

Tony Bounsall – July 2013 – Artist of the Month !


All my digital artworks begin with digital photographs. Today’s computer-based photographic environment allows for remarkable control, over shape, form and colour. My images are layered, pasted, and pushed beyond their recognizable photographic sources to form new compositions. Repeated grid-like elements echo back to the square pixel, the digital equivalent of the atom as building block. I often use “digital brushes” for mark making and for creating soft painterly areas and to achieve “natural media” textures reminiscent of oils, pastels, silk screen and water colours. I explore the ongoing integration (or lack thereof) between people and environment. I allude to weather patterns and topography in many of my pieces. My “landscapes” resonate with colour and have a spiritual presence. This is because I believe that while we are all linked to the seasons of nature many of us have lost our connection to them. The impact of technology and industrialization has dulled our awareness. We need to remember that there are no boundaries and we are all one. Ironically, I use the computer as a basic tool to achieve this!


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