Monday, July 22, 2013

New art space created beside Metchosin Art Gallery - July 20, 2013

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Shelf Life is a new, free art space, available for artists and their creative ideas.  The space is made up of an old trophy case, and a row of shelves that had been sitting empty in the hallway of the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre.  Curator of the Metchosin Art Gallery, Hailey Finnigan, decided to turn these empty shelves into a free installation space for artists – no commission and no fees.

By creating Shelf Life, artists can let loose and be more experimental, show works in progress, or try out new ideas.

“When you charge fees you limit yourself to the kind of art you can show,” commented Finnigan.  “Not everyone can afford to pay fees.  The Metchosin Art Gallery has to operate within that framework, and having Shelf Life here means artists can be creative without the concern of money or making sales.”  The creation of Shelf Life means people can come to the art centre and explore a wider range of art making.  “I foresee it being liberating for both artists and viewers,” said Finnigan, “I hope to see some wild and weird art here.”  Artists interested in Shelf Life should contact Hailey Finnigan,  Gallery hours are 12:00 – 5:00pm Thursday through Sunday.

For more information contact:
Hailey Finnigan
Metchosin Art Gallery
4495 Happy Valley Road

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