Thursday, August 1, 2013

Denise Kathleen Nicholls - August 2013 - Artist of the Month

Much of Denise’s influence comes from deep-seated memory of a tropical beginning. Rich, bright colours and a desire to appreciate beauty in all its forms mold her life and her work. Her paintings come purely from the joy of the experience, which is a foil to the discipline of her graphic design work. They often reflect an underwater theme: mysterious made up worlds of light and movement. Denise works primarily in watercolour, but with a sometimes non-traditional approach. Oil is another medium she occasionally explores. Being surrounded daily by the works of her beloved GJ Pearson also sparks a desire work three dimensionally; this desire is currently being fulfilled in the jewellery she designs and creates. You can see updates of what Denise and GJ are working on, among other things, on Denise’s blog:

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