Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Melanie Furtado - June 2013 - Artist of the Month

Melanie Furtado is a young Victoria based sculptor whose work focuses on the human figure, portraiture, and elements of nature. Compelled by the subtle angles and shapes of the human body and the potential of body language to express any facet of emotion or experience, she believes in the importance of creating directly from life.
Inspired by an constant need to create and a deep love for visual beauty, Melanie enrolled in the Victoria College of Art, where she discovered her passion for figurative sculpture. Since graduating in 2011 with a Fine Arts Diploma, she has immersed herself in an independent study of the human figure and classical techniques of realism.
She loves the physical tactility of clay and the experience of working with live models to make sculptures honouring their individual beauty and presence.
Melanie currently works and teaches classes and workshops out of her studio in downtown Victoria.


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