Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Caite Dheere at Polychrome Fine Art

Caite Dheere's artistic interests began with an informal life drawing class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and she continued pursuing art education after moving to Victoria in the early nineties. While exploring a variety of art forms, Caite enrolled in a week-long encaustic workshop lead by Barbara Kerwin, a twenty-five year veteran of the craft. Inspired by, and in awe of, the malleable alchemic properties of this ancient medium, Caite continued to experiment in part thanks to Kerwin’s initial encouragement. 

Caite’s inspiration for her work is drawn from organic patterning in nature, states of fluctuation in the urban environment, and how these demarcations relate to our internal and external world. The underlying themes are universal: navigating our sense and memory of place, longing, and transition. The effect of the gradation of layers, both translucent and opaque, mirrors the intention of her themes, both obvious and sublime.

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