Thursday, March 28, 2013

Curtis Pelletier at Dales Gallery


Long Exposure Photography by Curtis Pelletier

Show runs from March 16 to April 2, 2013 .

Curtis Pelletier

Curtis didn’t set out to be a photographer, it just sort of happened. Born and raised on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Curtis spent most of his life chasing his dream of playing professional baseball (which he accomplished by playing for the Victoria Capitals and the Canadian national team).
Once his playing career was over, Curtis found himself in a dark time of his life. He used photography as a release, shooting stills and landscapes to capture how he felt. It began as a hobby,but quickly became his passion.
Curtis transitioned this passion into a thriving photography business, traveling the world, shooting weddings, events, newborns, families and more. But his true passion has always been nature.
He describes himself as “a nontraditional artist breaking photographic rules.” With his “state of mind” art, Curtis wants to take people to a place he knows and loves, capture the essence of that spot, and combine it with how he felt at that particular moment. With his awareness of space and use of clean lines, symmetry, and dramatic lighting, he accomplishes this goal, making his landscapes come to life.
He credits his beautiful daughter, Abby, for settling him down and giving him the patience to wait for the right shot or the right lighting. He credits baseball for giving him the tenacity to handle adversity, the discipline of routine, and the determination to set a goal and not give up until it is accomplished. Through baseball, family, trials and tribulations, Curtis has molded his style into something that is quite unique…and no doubt fascinating.

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