Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paola Savasta at Xchanges Gallery


The Heir (also read: The Hair) is a body of work that proposes objects born in the state of the “in-between”; these are works whose properties inherit characteristics from the two-dimensional media of painting and drawing and the three-dimensional media of sculpture. These are objects that jut into space but also rely on the wall for support. They are tactile and tangible and cast a shadow divorced from their system of display (ie. the square of the canvas and/or frame). They are objects that play with their own depiction, the “in-between”, deflating and protruding as their true shadows dissolve into their new ones.

"I have been experiencing a growing distance from the engagement and act of painting, and a kinship to the staging of it through three-dimensional materials. The exploration of this “in-between-ness” is not a new realm but a ground for a re-invention of experiencing a larger system of pictorial space." Paola Savasta.
opening reception:
Friday March 1st at 7:00pm
Xchanges Gallery 
2333 Government St. 

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