Monday, January 14, 2013

Sean Weisgerber at Wil Abelle Art Projects Gallery


JANUARY 17, 2013 -  MARCH 9, 2013

Opening: Thursday, January 17, 7 – 9 PM.  The artist will be in attendance
Wil Aballe Art Projects is proud to present a solo exhibition of current work by
Saskatoon-based artist Sean Weisgerber. Since graduating from the Emily Carr
University of Art + Design in 2009, Weisgerber has produced a body of work in
which specific modalities of abstract painting have articulated a singular
fascination with the relationship between colour, form, material and perception.
Typically, his paintings have been defined by opaque colours bounded by hard
edges – an uncanny painterly dialect wherein human touch is modulated by a sense
of the mechanical.
This exhibition sees Weisgerber’s works move away from precision execution, and
the subject matter of abstraction and perception, with the mechanical appearing less
in the character of the objects presented than in the process of their making. Here, we
see stalactites of latex paint, frozen in mid-drip, and suspended from the weave of
stretched burlap and wool. Antiseptic chains supporting these objects insinuate their
origin in a mechanical process – the repeated immersion of a surface in paint, leading
to the development of factures exaggerated, and drawn into grotesque realms.
In other works, the fractalization of colour that once appeared on the surface of canvas
now appears in a radiating eruption on the gallerist’s living room wall. And while this
storm of pigment does not capitulate to the bounds of hard-edged shapes, its chromatic
beauty nevertheless does its work within geometric architectural boundaries.
Text by Mitch Speed. 

Wil Aballe Art Projects, Gallery + Editions 
528 - 2050 Scotia Street @ East 5th Avenue, Vancouver BC 
Buzzer 189

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