Monday, January 7, 2013

Carron Berkes, David Ladmore, Laurie Ladmore and Rob Vickery at Moka House


Moka House Coffee Shoal Point
Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria, BC
February 2-27, 2013

Mélange is a visual art exhibit which brings together four highly creative local artists whose works and artistic view points are unique, moving and insightful. Carron Berkes, David Ladmore, Laurie Ladmore and Rob Vickery present Mélange: a diverse array of two-dimensional works in acrylics, etchings, oils, mixed media and photography. Free event and suitable for all ages and family members.

The Artists
Carron Berkes conveys two distinct themes: the first deals with her love of animals, which is reflected in the expressions of her renditions of endangered land and sea animals; in contrast, the nature-themed paintings reveal the strength and drama of the sea, and colourful semi-abstract landscapes focusing on light, serenity and colour on canvas. Carron will show acrylic and mixed media works.

Both David Ladmore and Laurie Ladmore explore landscape themes in their oil paintings and David’s etchings. Each is inspired not just by the surface beauty of the world but also by what lies beneath: the undercurrents and rhythms of existence; the universal forces.

The work of Rob Vickery is primarily about the quality of light that comprises the physical world, yet hints at a light within the self, and offers a glimpse of life’s subtle inner nature. Photographic, mixed media and acrylic works will be featured.

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