Monday, December 3, 2012

Lorraine Thorarinson Betts - December 2012 - Artist of the Month !



Lorraine Thorarinson Betts is an abstract artist.

The journey of art is the telling of a story, a journal of a day, an era, a moment. As life is built day upon day, art is built layer on layer in reflection. The complexity of technique layers into each work the ideas that read back to the journey, through the strata of colour, shape, and texture.

I came to art by way of music - one seems to have led to the other. Though both forms allow artists to explore and interpret similar subjects and express them in diverse ways, there is understanding in the language of art. Brahms, Samuel Barber, and Pat Metheny may have explored the same sentiment from very different points of view, but the sentiment is nonetheless understood. So the compelling human narrative is the force that needs expression.

Creating a unique work offers a sense of arrival, and letting each painting speak for itself has been a goal of mine. Each work has its own definite purpose. I’ve always admired Picasso’s diverse and strongly defined body of work.
My focus has involved oil on paper in the form of monotypes and various modes of printmaking in recent years. Lately I’ve returned to painting on canvas and panel to explore greater texture and scale.

Making art just seems like a normal and natural state of being.  I love the journey, the saga in reflection, and the rendering of what fascinates.

A graduate of fine arts from the University of Victoria, Lorraine’s artwork is in private collections in Canada, Japan, England, and the USA. In Victoria Lorraine’s art can be seen at the Red Art Gallery, and at her studio, visits by appointment.

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